Design Services

Logo / Brand Design Logo / Brand Design

I can work with you to develop a logo design + brand identity that is a unique design style, customized to set you apart from the competition.

Graphic Design Graphic Design

This is the extension of your Logo / Brand Design and applies to your organization as well as the services you offer.

Custom WordPress Website Design Custom WordPress Website Design

Whether your needs are simple or extensive, allow me to present design ideas + functionality recommendations that can elevate your business to the next level.

Illustration Illustration

This can be a great option if your design needs require a graphic element just not found anywhere else, or you prefer a custom handmade component.

Editorial Design + Layout Editorial Design + Layout

Editorial design + layout is one of my favorite extensions of Graphic Design and I love every opportunity to work on projects of this magnitude.

Infographic Design + Diagrams Infographic Design + Diagrams

Infographic design is truly the basis of Graphic Design; it is the art of translating information into a visual, clearly represented and easily understood format.


What my clients are saying.

  • Jennifer Fischer, Maximize & Thrive

    Working with you is a true joy! Your talent amazes me, and I’m grateful to have a beautiful logo that represents all I wish to do for people! I really felt you went above and beyond in your level of service and have loved the experience! Thanks again for your commitment to this project!

    - Jennifer Fischer, Maximize & Thrive
  • Lisa Quinlivan, Bend Your Body

    Kate responds quickly, professionally and consistently to each project. Her designs are unique and cohesive and she works to ensure that process is not only complete to my satisfaction but also enjoyable along the way! The relationship Kate has built with my business is reflected back to me as my new clients consistently comment about how much they enjoy my branding, website and collateral print work.  She is a highly valued asset to my business as it continues to grow and thrive here in Bend, OR.

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    - Lisa Quinlivan, Bend Your Body
  • Deb Farina, Awareness Life Coaching

    Kate is awesome to work with!  She takes the time to learn what is important to you, presents visual options so you have choices and is willing to explore until you get exactly what you are looking for.  On top of creating great designs, Kate took a ton of worries off my hands and provided me with tools to make my life easier.  She is super flexible and works within your time needs, providing options sooner rather than later.

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    - Deb Farina, Awareness Life Coaching
  • Alan Koch, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Portland

    We have been so fortunate to get to work with Kate on building a new brand identity for our church. She is amazing! Kate worked with us on the redesign of our website and gave us a site that is fresh and progressive and one that is a perfect match for our community. With Kate’s expert hand, our online presence has effectively been integrated and carried into all our other branding. Working together with Kate has not only produced superb results, it has been a joy. Who knew branding could be so much fun!

    - Alan Koch, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Portland
  • Jeff Hahn & Brian Nelson, TrailRags

    We love Kate because she lets us stay on the trails and not parked in front of our computers. If you’ve walked around Bend you’ve probably seen her work, it’s everywhere.

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    - Jeff Hahn & Brian Nelson, TrailRags