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Deciding to hire a professional Graphic Designer over the myriad of choices you have available to you when it comes to logo design, printing business cards, developing a website, etc. is more than a big leap. By comparison it’s a high cost option that forces you to move all of your eggs to one basket and rely on a single source to connect with you, understand your business and future goals and deliver successful elements that will solidify your investment.

I hear these concerns often and fully understand what you’re facing in addition to likely many other hurdles, expense frustrations and fears that are already a part of building your business. What I aim to offer is the single source listed above but as a committed partner connecting with you on a personal level. Working with you from the first step of identifying your brand, ultimate business goals, personality are all elements that I prioritize to weave into your Brand Identity and marketing representations of your organization and services.

Creating unique, one of a kind, handmade design elements that cohesively blend together to establish what I’ll continue to refer to as your Brand Identity and this is so much more than a “logo”. The style, voice and impression that these elements deliver is a harmonious visual translation of you connecting one on one with everyone who sees your Brand Identity. The family of design pieces that represent your business are cohesive in style enough that they’re easily recognized as the “logo” for your business. The advantage of a complete body of work is that the diversity of design, format, simplicity—extends your marketing efforts for all print and digital mediums.

Integrating Kate Miller Design within the development of your business, whether that happens on day one or day 1,001 ensures that you have an initial marketing package as well as on-going, as needed design collateral. In addition you have a resource that can either identify step by step intuitive processes to help you implement your marketing efforts, or connect to provide the service for you. Either way you have a go-to which is the same as an in-house marketing department. No matter the size of your design needs, timeline, or budget—these are all aspects of what I offer and work to deliver. Ensuring the success of your business is what I rely on to ensure the success of mine.

Logo / Brand Identity Design Process:

Working from an initial phase of discovering your brand – the appearance, voice and overall feel, I will present 3 concepts for review; a complete variety in order to cover all bases and work to finalize the perfect design.

Presentation of initial concepts as well as ongoing revisions, will be emailed as either PDF or JPG files, for review.

Following presentation is a revision stage that allows 2 rounds of edits.

I’ll work to ensure this process follows your direction while adhering to specific style guidelines that guarantee the success of your finalized logo / brand identity.
upon completion, you’ll receive…

Finalized logo in 7 formats – includes seven full color logo formats, seven black and white logo formats.

Font & Typeface Licensing – Any fonts/typefaces that are purchased for the final logo, and/or supporting brand identity assets, are subject to commercial licensing laws. A font/typeface licenses gives only the owner full rights to use the font/typeface as necessary. If during the project I feel that a commercial font/typeface is appropriate for the development of your logo and brand identity, I will convey this to you at that time, and a license must be purchased/ and/or registered to you before the project is finalized. It is against the law for me to provide any client a ‘copy’ of any font/typeface that I own, and have personally purchased.

Color Palette – a custom color chart including CMYK, RGB, Pantone and Hex color identification for each.

Graphic Accents – icons + patterns to apply to collateral material, including a social media profile image, and website favicon.

Upon completion, you’ll receive…

  • Primary logo design – finalized logo in 7 formats
  • File Format Guide – an easy to understand description of your 7 file formats
  • Sub-mark design (2)
  • Icon design
  • Social Media Collateral
  • Print Package – (example) business cards / letterhead / notecards – qty 50)
  • Full transfer of copyright and design ownership


Website Design + Development

We’re all familiar with the commercials that display beautiful websites pieced together with simple clicks here & there to place a really cool looking logo next to a beautiful photograph – that all come together on a clean, contemporary space and with the push of one final button—a website is born. Free is a common word associated with the services and extremely hard to miss.

What is missing however is the online direction that successfully leads every day business owners—whose specialities are often furthest from anything related to website design—down a path where you can actually utilize the tools a Website Builder (such as Squarespace or WIX) offers. Once you achieve any kind of text layout combined with images you’ve worked to upload into their usable media gallery, it becomes apparent that the design style you really want isn’t available or requires “additional customization.”

These headaches and wasted blocks of time are what I aim to help you avoid. Whether you were curious enough to start down this path and realize  the result isn’t going to give you what you need, or you don’t even know where to start – it’s never too late to connect and identify your exact Website Design goals and what I can offer to help you achieve those.

In the past I spent a lot of time defining pre-determined Website Packages that I could offer clients. These were designated design platforms that included various levels of customization and functionality. Working with more & more businesses, each with unique needs & desires, has shown me that every project is unique and whether you plan to invest $5,000 or $1,500 there are tools & resources available that I can utilize to develop your website.

When you work with me to Design & Develop your Website, I can introduce you to the tools and resources that will become the “brains” for your online presence. Integrating you in the process, from initial backend development to identifying the overall front-end design, will initiate a smooth process that takes you from collaboration with me as your Designer, to manager of your own website long into the future. Whether we end up utilizing a pre-designed template or creating a custom website, unique only to you—static design code ensures that you can maintain dynamic content over time.

To learn more or request a custom package that is more specific to your needs, please contact me: