Logo / Brand Identity

Multiple Package Options allow you to choose a project where I’ll work with you on various levels to create a finalized Logo / Brand Identity. Whether it’s a Single Logo or Full Logo package with 3 unique design ideas, we’ll collaborate to identify likes / dislikes for the various details that will ultimately make up your new Logo / Brand Identity.

Finalizing your logo design to the most complete point enables the next stages of applying that design + overall style—color, font sizes accent detail, etc. to a variety of print and digital applications, ensuring that you can move forward with a successful Brand.

I’ll work to ensure this process follows your direction while adhering to specific style guidelines that guarantee the success of your finalized Logo / Brand Identity. Once the project is complete, I’ll transfer full copyright and design ownership.

Deliverables include:


Includes 7 full color + black & white logo formats of your primary, finalized logo design.


A small of design elements that support your primary logo through color, font styles, and graphic details. Your Brand ensures consistency for all types of marketing collateral, and establishes recognition across all marketing efforts—from print to social media.

  • Font & Typeface Licensing – Any fonts/typefaces that are purchased for the final logo, and/or supporting brand identity assets, are subject to commercial licensing laws. A font/typeface licenses gives only the owner full rights to use the font/typeface as necessary. If during the project I feel that a commercial font/typeface is appropriate for the development of your logo and brand identity, I will convey this to you at that time, and a license must be purchased/ and/or registered to you before the project is finalized. It is against the law for me to provide any client a ‘copy’ of any font/typeface that I own, and have personally purchased.
  • Color Palette – a custom color chart including CMYK, RGB, Pantone and Hex color identification for each.
  • Graphic Accents – patterns + graphic details to apply to collateral material, website, banner ads, etc.
  • Sub-mark – I will include 2 abbreviated display formats of the primary logo. These will offer horizontal and vertical display options as well as provide a simplified version of your brand for display where the full logo design isn’t necessary.


Only available for larger projects, this provides you with a short run of printed marketing pieces, such as business cards, that let you hit the ground running once your new logo has been finalized. Produced by Moo.com